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Carpet Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Classic Carpet Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Patterned carpet or area rugs are a fantastic way to freshen up your space with a surprising touch of color and texture. If it’s time to update your look, and you are considering a slightly bolder approach to floor coverings, read below for guidelines to choosing one that will suit your space.

Unlike traditional carpeting, when choosing a pattern, it is especially important to consider the color scheme you want for your room. Most patterns are more than neutral; bringing paint and fabric samples with you when you go to select your new carpets is a smart way to ensure agreement.

Geometric Patterns

Classic Carpet Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Geometric prints run the gamut from shy to bold and everything in between. Working with your desired wall color, select one that will give you the vibe that you want. You can find geometric prints that vary in sizes from small and repetitive, to large and random. If you are feeling like a wild geometric print may be outside your comfort zone, select an area rug with a similar look to try out before you commit.

Animal Prints

Carpet Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Before you think no to cheetah, today’s animal print carpets are available in many different colors. The print, regardless of the animal that it’s emulating, just provides the pattern; the color is up to you. Choose one that works with your room color. Due to the random quality of animal prints, they provide a more subtle vibe.

Botanical Patterns

Classic Carpet Patterns that Never Go Out of Style

Whether you enjoy floral or leaf patterns, botanicals are a great choice for patterned carpet or rugs. Frequently available in natural or neutral colors, they can bring a calm outdoor feeling to your space. When choosing a denser pattern, look for one with a lighter background color, so the pattern doesn’t overwhelm your space.


Classic striped carpets come in a variety of colors, in every conceivable palette. The trick to stripes is to pair them with a wall color that isn’t too close to their color, especially since patterned carpets can sometimes to be bolder. Doing this will avoid a monochromatic look to your space. Consider using strips to elongate a hallway or on stairs, as a runner. To make a narrow room appear wider, run the carpet across the width of the room, rather than the length. The stripes will trick your eye into seeing the room as more spacious than it is.

When you are ready to talk all things carpet, gather your paint and fabric samples and visit our friendly professionals at Neils Floor Covering. We can help you pick out the perfect pattern in a color that will work well in your space and set you up with an installer who can make your patterned carpet dreams a reality!