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Carpet Pad

6 Lb 1/2 Rebond Pad

Carpet Pad | Neils Floor Covering

8 lb 1/2 inch Moisture Pad

Carpet Pad | Neils Floor Covering

8 LB 1/2 inch rebond pad

Carpet Pad - 8 lb half-inch rebond | Neils Floor Covering

Shaw Air-Plush Pad

Shaw Air Plush corner | Neils Floor Covering

Valencia- Rubber Pad

Carpet Pad | Neils Floor Covering

Neil’s Floor Covering recommends a standard 8#, ½” re-bond pad in most cases. There are other similar pads that come in 3/8”, ¼” and 7/16” but no pad comes thicker than ½.” Similarly, there are other densities, such as 6 # pads, but 8# is a little better, especially for higher traffic areas and basements.

Upgrades to the standard re-bond pad include those that have memory foam, spill guards or an anti-microbial foam such as the premium cushion, Air Plush, from Shaw Floors. Neil’s stocks an 8# ½” pad, a 6#, 3/8” re-bond pad and an 8#, ½” re-bond pad with a moisture barrier. If other pads are preferred, we recommend one of the pads from Shaw Floors.

If you have radiant floor heat, a rubber pad is the best option because it has the lowest R-value compared to other pads, which best conducts heat through your carpeting. For more information about carpet pad R-Values, check out our R-value Guide

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